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William Peyton Hubbard

William Peyton Hubbard was born in Toronto, Ontario in 1842. He attended the Toronto Model School and graduated as a Baker.

He worked as a Baker for over 20 years and invented a type of oven. Mr. Hubbard formed a company to manufacture his ovens, which were called the Hubbard Oven.

In 1893, W. P. Hubbard was elected a city Alderman in his first attempt at city politics.

He was a very successful politician, and won numerous re-elections in Ward 4. From 1904 - 1907 he was appointed Vice-chairman of the Board of Control of the City of Toronto. He also served as Acting Mayor in 1907.

Mr. Hubbard chaired a committee to promote provincial legislation for the city to produce and lease hydro-electric power. This action eventually led to the establishment of Ontario Hydro.