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The International African Inventors Museum promotes positive images and self-esteem in children and adults and teaches people of all nationalities about the contributions that Africans throughout the world have given to society.

The International African Inventors Museum is a mobile museum, which travels nationally and internationally to inform in a visual display. The display features a range of inventions including everyday items such as the window cleaner, the eggbeater, lawn mower, space shuttle retrieval and more.

Founded in 1988 by Valerie J. Robinson, known as Lady Sala S. Shabazz, The Original International Black Inventions Museum is a nonprofit corporation since 1994, and international in 1997 in Ghana, West Africa. Over 12,000,000 people have been exposed to the unique experience of The International Black Inventions Museum's presentation at more than 1,000 events nationally and internationally totalling over 38 states, 180 cities and four countries, including Toronto, Canada; Salvador, Bahia-Brazil; Ghana and Benin, West Africa.
The Current Beyond
In 2001, Francis and Denise Jeffers of Jeffers Associates, Toronto, Canada acquired the International Black Inventions Museum. The International Black Inventions Museum founded by Lady Sala Shabazz was primarily focused on inventions by African Americans. Under the current Curators, the museum has evolved into the Intenational African Inventors Museum with the emphasis on further internationalizing the exhibit. Several new sections have been added including African Canadian, African British, African Caribbean and Continental African Inventors.